Cold Blooded Murder in Oregon

Further eyewitness video Testimony about Oregon shooting, below.


Last night I was closely following the developing events in Burns Oregon, even before they happened, due to an ongoing disagreement from the previous day between Mark Connors and Pete Santilli.

What happened last night was nothing short of the cold-blooded murder of LaVoy Finicum,  a man, a father, a husband, a grandfather – someone standing up peaceably for everyone’s liberties.

LaVoy Finicum was doing nothing more than  traveling to a public meeting with Ammon Bundy and others,  to discuss the issues and express the cause for the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.   They were going to this peaceful meeting arranged by the Sheriff, and they were stopped for a “traffic stop” by that same Sheriff and  the FBI.

Did they have  a headlight out, or perhaps they came to a rolling stop  at a stop sign?

No, it was a deliberate ambush on a desolate road that had no cell service due to surrounding canyon walls.  According to the eyewitness report of Victoria Sharp, there were even snipers in the trees awaiting them, and as many as 40 law enforcement vehicles involved, all for a “traffic stop” of people only going to a peaceful public meeting, which the Sheriff and FBI were fully aware of in advance.   It was unmistakably a planned ambush.

The claim it was a  “traffic stop” is nothing but the gross misrepresentation of fact to pretend legitimacy under the color of law.

The media is reporting that there was a “shootout”.  For there to be a shootout, there has to actually be shots fired from both sides, yet none of those traveling with Ammon Bundy fired a single shot.  There cannot be any sort of shootout when one side does not fire even a single shot.  Reuters, MarketWatch, The Guardian, Institute for Public Accuracy (oh, irony).

The media is reporting  only three shots being fired,  resulting in the death of LaVoy Finicum, yet the eyewitness report is that approximately 120 shots were fired at the vehicles and occupants, with numerous shots into the vehicles.

The media would have us believe that these occupiers of the Nature Preserve have no legitimacy, and are nothing but terrorists.  Despite the fact these occupiers have  inadequately conveyed the legitimacy of their actions, the inescapable fact is that the federal government has no constitutional authority to claim ownership of any lands within a State, beyond forts, arsenals (military bases), dock-Yards, Post Offices, and other “needful buildings”.

Only a day before this lethal traffic stop, in a video interview, LaVoy Finicum  had indicated the need for more dialog, and was alarmed by the abrupt change in “tone and tenor” of the federal authorities, leading  to this grossly unwarranted abuse of lethal force.  It is clear that the intent was to shut down this disobedience, and do so in such an excessive fashion that it limits further uprisings by overwhelming intimidation.

LaVoy Finicum had surrendered with his hands in the air,  and was indicating his desire to speak with the Sheriff, and was shot repeatedly, his life brutally ended when he was only traveling to public meeting so as to engage a dialog to find a peaceful resolution.   Additionally Ryan Bundy was shot three times, and another was wounded as well.

Robert LaVoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood by federal agents only one day before his 56th birthday, today.

Every single federal agent and the  Sheriff officers that fired their weapons last night, need to be taken into the people’s custody, pending an autopsy and ballistic analysis on Finicum, as well as the shots into the vehicles.

At that point,  all officers  that fired their weapons should be charged with First Degree Murder.   Conspiracy to Commit Murder,  the Denial of life and rights under the color of law, and numerous other charges,  and prosecuted by a jury of their peers to the fullest extent of the law, with the death penalty being applicable.

When man can no longer rely on the rule of law, then he becomes subject to the rule of men – tyrants – and we no longer have a civil society.

Yet what is the LEAD BANNER on Drudge?    Rubio surging in Iowa!

On  Breitbart?    Trump and the debates!

On FOX  News? A plea for the PROTESTERS to be reasonable!

Last week  KrisAnne Hall gave a lecture in Burns Oregon on the Constitution, and she had a security detail accompanying her while there.  That security detail was not  because KrisAnne had  any fear of the protesters occupying the nature preserve, by her own statement, but rather because she was afraid of our own federal government, and did not want to be taken into custody, without anyone knowing her whereabouts.

This is not the America we are promised, nay, guaranteed by the Constitution!  However that Guarantee will never be honored if we do not demand it.

If we do not all rise up NOW, and demand these federal agents be prosecuted, and the Federal government returned to its only legitimate “box” within the District of Columbia, then we are lost as a nation.   God help us, because  if we do not do so, we are doomed to be nothing but serfs, slaves to tyrannous government dictating every aspect of our lives.

T. J. McCann, III
Valley Forge


Beyond Victoria Sharp‘s video statement, there is a second eyewitness video description of the events  from the driver of the other vehicle, Mark McConnell.   McConnell only witnessed the Finicum vehicle’s original stop approximately 200 yards head of him, and was then able to see a person he was unable to identify exiting that vehicle and being taken into custody, which would be Ryan Paine.

McConnell does not provide any indication of shots at that other vehicle prior to Finicum driving it further down the road and into the snow drift.

In the video statement, McConnell claims that Finicum exited his vehicle and “charged” at the law enforcement officers, resulting in Finicum’s shooting.   However McConnell indicates this claim was provided to him second hand by Shawna Cox, a passenger of Finicum’s vehicle, while they both were in police custody. This claim that FInicum exited his vehicle and charged law enforcement officers is specifically contradicted by Victoria Sharp’s own video interview, in which Sharp indicated of Finicum, when specifically asked by the interviewer, that “he (Finicum) was just walking with his hands up.”   Sharp further indicated that Finicum’s hands were still up when he fell.

Without direct confirmation from Shawna Cox, it is quite possible that McConnell has misinterpreted something Cox told him, and that there is no actual witness claiming that FInicum charged toward the law enforcement officers.

Furthermore, Victoria Sharp’s statement about Ryan Payne and the Finicum vehicle being shot at by law enforcement at the initial stop, would serve to justify Finicum having driven further down the road, as well as him stating to law enforcement “just shoot me” upon exiting the vehicle, without this being any sort of death wish on Finicum’s part. Finicum’s responses become far more legitimate given the fact that he was originally shot at without cause. However Mark McConnell’s own video statement provided no indication of there being shots fired when the Finicum vehicle was originally stopped and within his sight.

Ryan Bundy was reportedly wounded in the shoulder by the enormous rain of bullets and gas canisters shot at Finicum’s vehicle, following Finicum being shot dead.

The lead vehicle  – driven by LaVoy Finicum, with Ryan Payne in the passenger seat, and in the rear seat was Ryan Bundy (L), Victoria Sharp (C), and Shawna Cox (R).

The trailing vehicle – driven by Mark McConnell, with Ammon Bundy and Brian “Buddha” Cavalier as passengers.

Given this, to further establish the events immediately resulting in LaVoy Finicum’s death, we  need to obtain direct testimony from Ryan Bundy and/or Shawna Cox regarding the final moments, and from Ryan Payne to establish that there was indeed shooting by law enforcement officers at the original vehicle stop.


KrisAnne Hall on the Oregon Events

6 thoughts on “Cold Blooded Murder in Oregon

  1. A correction to the above, if I might be so bold:

    The group was traveling to a meeting at a senior center in John Day by invitation of Sheriff Palmer of GRANT County, who was sympathetic to their cause and had gone on record as saying releasing the Hammonds from prison would be a good start to resolving the situation. I would guess the group was hopeful they would meet with more understanding of their position and goals, and that, in conjunction with knowing Sheriff Palmer understood what they were about, was why they were traveling to the next county north to speak to citizens there. It was NOT by invitation of the FBI nor for negotiations with the FBI.

    It was not a traffic stop, it was a roadblock set up in the middle of nowhere… Hwy 395 is a very desolate road through desolate country (high desert becoming dry ponderosa forest as you go north). I lived a couple years in Baker City, further north and a little east, and my ex and I traveled that highway once a year to visit family for the holidays in the Bay Area, so I do know a little about that countryside.

    I’d guess they chose that area BECAUSE it is so deserted — no witnesses. Now the highway is closed for quite a stretch, by report on the FlashAlert page. For safety of the residents, of course. I’m guessing it’s so they can remove the vehicle(s) without anyone being able to count the bullet holes. Bury it in the desert somewhere? Pretty sure no one will see any nonedited footage from FBI cams.


    • Sheryl, thank you for your response and correction.

      I was aware at the start of my article that I was not certain about the location and nature of the meeting they were headed to, nor the Sheriff that Finicum, and perhaps Ryan Payne too, were referencing. However what was clear is that they were making an effort at discussion with the local community, to better their public relations, as well as understanding of the fundamental constitutional principles behind their stand.

      I think it is also rather evident that their road trip was known to the Harney County Sheriff and FBI, whether by direct communication with them, or by electronic intelligence being employed by the FBI. The result was what was unquestionably an ambush awaiting them. According to reports, there was a third vehicle preceding the the other two vehicles, driven by Victoria Sharp’s mother and that vehicle was allowed through the roadblock and ambush. I’m guessing the absence of cell signal in the area prohibited Sharp’s mother from calling the others to warn them. I can only imagine the effect of seeing those numerous vehicles and law enforcement officers, even occupying positions in the surrounding trees, must have had on Sharp’s mother. It must have been very unnerving, to say the least, particularly if she remained within earshot of the roadblock once the gunfire began.

      I am also aware that it was not in any way a “traffic stop”, but that is what the media was repeatedly indicating initially. Again, this was unmistakably an ambush involving an obscene number of law enforcement agents and firepower, with that firepower being unleashed without anything close to reasonable cause, given the current evidence at hand. There was no need for this to occur – none.

      It’s not as if they were apprehending Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, John Dillinger, or “Baby Face” Nelson, who were heavily armed and and had an established history of brutal tactics. These occupiers were, at best guilty of ‘Trespass”, which is not a violent crime, and certainly does not carry the death penalty, much less necessitate the application of this extreme lethal force!

      In fact the federal charge they all face, “conspiracy to impede” a federal officer in carrying out their duty, is absurd, and entirely inappropriate for the conditions. It is not as if these people interceded in the federal government of doing some other official business. The charge is as absurd as charging someone with “making a law enforcement officer cite them with a ticket.”

      The purpose of the occupation the Malheur Nature Preserve, was that the federal government has no authority whatsoever within the several States under the Constitution, even as amended, nor authority to own indiscriminate lands within those States! Make no mistake, the charge of “conspiracy to impeding” is nothing short of the intent to instill in Americans the idea we must obey federal dictate, no matter what it might be, and regardless of any legitimacy. We should all recognize this charge itself as exhibiting a very disturbing, and chilling mentality.

      The charge of “conspiracy to impede” in this case, is every bit as much of gross misapplication of law, as is prosecuting the Hammonds under the 1996 Anti-terrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act!. That Act resulted from the bombing of the OKC Murrah Federal Building, and was intended for deliberate acts of terrorism, not the legitimate intent of burning range that has been done for necessary purposes for nearly a century, and is even employed by BLM itself.

      In legitimate terms, these “occupiers” in Malheur are guilty of nothing more than Trespass, and “conspiracy” to stand their ground. Meanwhile the federal government is guilty of exerting illegitimate and unlawful authority, and denial of Civil Rights under the color of law, as well as cold blooded murder under the color of law. which the federal code itself recognizes as resulting in the applicability of the death penalty!

      These cases now show an unmistakable willingness of the Federal government to employ inapplicable charges in order to maintain an illegitimate authority at any cost – blatant Tyranny! Be afraid.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Be afraid? Nope; not me.

    About 20 years ago, I became a law-abiding Nontaxpayer, as I explain on this website:

    You can read that site and see the names and offices of FOURTEEN agents of the IRS that I crossed swords with over a decade (they gave up and stopped bugging me about 9 years ago). Say what you want about BLM or FBI; no federal agency is feared more, by more Americans, than the IRS. Friends and family told me 20 years ago, “I’ll see you in prison”. Hogswallop; never happened.

    Why? Because I don’t file or pay anything to IRS, but I also tell the truth and obey the law — and force my IRS employees to do the same.

    Both of the Bundy circuses were a horrible joke, putting more of a stigma on constitutional Citizen Militia than before. I explain why, in this article: … trump_bundy_and_national_insanity

    I invite any and every American who cares about arresting D.C. organized crime, to join us in fighting SMART, for the first time in a long time. See the action plan in this video:

    Our goal for this year is those three HUGE actions, and we can attain all three if we get just 2,500 local AmericaAgain! meetup groups of only TEN people each, coast to coast. There are about 34,000 cities, towns and villages in the republic, so our goal is very, very modest. But this kind of network with these goals will be the tactical breach in the wall of DC organized crime.

    Stop wasting breath and bile acid, folks. Time to work. SMART.


    • Zuniga, ….

      No one having any sense or depth would write an article, as you have done, muddying up issues such as Trump, the Bundys, Mormonism, and other ignorant considerations.

      And now i see what sort of agenda you’re pushing – the AmericaAgain site. I communicated with those people some many months ago, and discussed at length the major problems with their site and ideology – and very likely I communicated with you.

      In those communications with AmericaAgain, as yours now, I clearly established that those at AmericaAgain are nothing short of constitutional flunkies, and actually represent The Problem with mainstream Republican Conservatives that have gotten us to this point in America’s demise.

      AmericaAgain is the poster child for what is wrong in the Republican party, and it does not help that it is a pay site either!

      AmercaAgain still has the same lofty goala and ethereal plans as before, but none of them are any more concrete nor rational now than they were those many months ago! AmericaAgain still has not accomplished anything, despite constantly promising that it is on the verge of doing so — only a dishonest ploy to gain more paying membership.

      “Your goal” at AmericaAgain is to grow your membership there to get more dues, while yuu feed that membership with a cancerous corruption of the Constitution, and a long array of false and destructive promises.

      The militia are NOT now acting as “independent vigilante groups”, and “the point of the 2nd Amendment” is not the militia itself, but rather the individual right to keep and bear arms, which is exercised in freely formed militia, not under any sort of government organization. The reference to “militia” in the 2nd Amendment is an entirely subordinate and inconsequential phrase, with the idea being protected is that our right to keep and bear arms is what secures a free state.

      The Bundys, Finicum and others are working to secure other liberties while exercising that right.

      The Bundys are NOT “confusing and misdirecting constitutionalists”, as the Bundys themselves are not at all confused, and your claimed “constitutionalists” are obviously not much constitutionalists at all if they could be confused by anyone, the Bundys included, just as you yourself are no sort of constitutionalist. And Lavoy Finicum’s “heart desire” had nothing to do with suicide by cop, nor becoming a martyr, and by your vile references you show yourself to have no fundamental respect for anything or anyone.

      Most certainly the Constitution does not need to be amended, and you and other snake-oil salesmen, are promising the cure for the Constitution’s woes by writing more of it, when the Constitution is more than sufficient as-is, and the problem is that it is being entirely disregarded and discarded, including by persons such as yourself. I’m quite certain that you do not possess the faculties or understanding to to positively engage Constitution’s alteration.

      I’ve previously addressed your corrupt representation of the 2nd Amendment and the disproportionate focus on the militia in my article, “Disarming America in 3 Easy Steps”, and that is precisely what your gross corruption would accomplish, the easy removal of our unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms.

      You’re neither a constitutionalist, nor a conservative, and are only the Progressive arm of the Republican party that has sough to usurp and corrupt conservatism and the Constitution itself.

      Any further comments from you on this site will be directly addressing the articles here, and not involve any promotion of AmericaAgain,or you will no longer be welcome, and your words will vanish into the mist…

      Naa, scratch that — you’re no longer welcome here under any terms, given my previous experience, and the fact that I know you to be so despicable.


  3. Incidentally, Daid M Zuniga wrote back one more time , this time not to promte his site, but rather to promote his site’s amendment to the Constitution.

    Zuniga wrote, “The fact that you are ignorant of the ORIGINAL FIRST AMENDMENT, passed by the FIRST CONGRESS in 1789, and already ratified (technically) in 1790 by 2 states (only 11 votes were properly entered into the record; CT held theirs back) indicates to me that your entire position … “ blah blah blah.

    Seriously? Here Zuniga sounds like the4 unhinged fruit-loops that believe the “missing” 13th Titles of Nobility Amendment was ratified, and that it keeps lawyers out of our government ’cause they got their BAR membership from Britain, doncha know. Restoring that “missing” 13th will fix all our problems! They overlook that there’s already a prohibition against titles of nobility in Article 1, Section 9, … oh, and lawyers are not titles of nobility!

    The evident belief of Mr Zuniga, the constitutional flunky, is that somehow this missing original First Amendment, that never had enough support to be ratified, is somehow going to be the salvation of this country!

    And what does that original, never-ratified proposed first amendment do?

    Answer: It increases representation in Congress. Wow, glory be! .

    Somehow Mr Zuniga, in his infinite constitutional wisdom, is seeking to undo the very founder’s own resolve, , believing that the problems in this country would all be solved by more populist representation in Congress!

    Notably this “plan” by Zoniga and America Again entirely ignores the fact that this country is deliberat4ely not any sort of Democracy! In one fell swoop of infinite stupidity, Mr Zuniga has entirely ignored and abolished all the limitations on Congress in Article 1, Section 8, and elsewhere as well. Instead Zuniga’s new “limitations” on Congress are now what our new more populist and representative Congress might decide upon. How reassuring!

    I’ve heard Cliven Bundy speak in the issues, and while he may not be an eloquent speaker, I guarantee that Cliven Bundy knows the Constitution, far better than you do, and more importantly, he actually upholds it.

    Zuniga’s solution to the problems in this country, is to do MORE of what caused the problem originally, and make us into even more of a Democracy – but hey, who’s to complain so long as the people get what they want, right? And we end up with a government that even more thoroughly disregards the Constitution’s limits. Brilliant plan, Zuniga.

    And Zuniga would have us believe that the Bundys and FInicum are only “confusing and misdirecting” his resident “constitutionalists”. Seriously, I would love to hear Zuniga detail how this claim might possibly be true. No, the problem is that Zuniga’s followers actually don’t actually have a clue about the Constitution, which is why they’re members there.

    To be blunt, America Again is nothing but a Cancer — what it promotes and teaches does nothing but worsen the problem, and undermine the Constitution.

    Do not join there unless you have a real need to be separated from your money, while being fed destructive nonsense, and sold a string of empty promises.

    Seriously, Zuniga, you and your “America Again” are disgraceful.


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