What if you were to learn that there were only SIX things that needed to be recognized in order to restore this country …. just six?  We Don’t need to worry about all these varied schemes and plans to fix things, and we shouldn’t have to chase down every act and legislation and shout, “No!”  We just need to focus on six things!

There are a great many things that we Americans have forgotten about the Constitution, and if we were to only ourselves recognize these forgotten principles, we would regain our freedoms, and remove odious  federal tyranny from our lives.

In fact, the Constitution itself,  along with a little help from the Declaration of Independence, provides the only real “PLAN”  needed to restore our freedoms, and recover our country.


1)  NOT GRANTS: Our rights are not granted to us by the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, but rather are innate to us, unalienable, and only referenced in those Amendments relative to the creation of the federal government, which is the purpose of that Constitution.

2)  CANNOT BE AMENDED: Those rights are only referenced in the Constitution to recognize the federal government’s obligation to those rights,  but  this does not imply those rights might be edited or removed by amending them in the  Constitution under Article V, given that those rights are not provided thereby.  Neither does the reference to Rights in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution imply  those Rights are not applicable to the States themselves.  Those rights are applicable to the States, and the States have equal obligation to recognize them, .

3) STATE POWERS: 10th Amendment “States Rights” , more accurately “State Powers”,  do not provide the States authority to ignore those unalienable individual rights, and indeed the 10th Amendment concludes with “or to the people” thereby recognizing those unalienable rights held by the people.

4) LIMITED ENUMERATED POWERS:  Even as currently amended, nothing in the Constitution provides the federal the authority to write laws directly applicable to the people of the States  The only  location that the Constitution’s Enumerated Powers of Article 1, Section 8 allow the Congress to write laws directly applicable to the people, is the “exclusive Legislation” provided for the “10 miles square” area that is today known as Washington’s “District of Columbia” (D.C.).   Today that “exclusive” legislative authority for  D.C. has been delegated to a municipal council in D.C., thereby Congress should not be writing ANY LAWS directly applicable to the people of the United States.  All federal laws written by Congress that are directly applicable to the people of the States are an authority deliberately NOT provided Congress by the Constitution, and therefore unconstitutional, inclusive of Civil Rights legislation, hate crime legislation, national environmental legislation, legislation over food, firearms and agriculture, and the national health care mandate known as “ObamaCare”!

5) FEDERAL LANDS: The only lands Congress and the federal government have authority to own, are those lands recognized in those Enumerated Powers. Those indicated lands, beyond the referenced “10 miles square” area of the District of Columbia itself, are stated to be only “for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings “, that’s it!   Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government given authority to claim lands within the sovereign territory of States  and govern general “public lands”, or to make “National Parks.”    Claimed federal control over these public lands and parks is nowhere legitimate under the Constitution and is therefore unconstitutional. (Reference: Equal Footing Doctrine, and Pollard Lessee vs Hagan)

6)  FEDERAL LAWS & TREATIES: The Supremacy Clause of Article Six, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, recognizes that Treaties are the law of the land, but only if those Treaties themselves are first “under the authority of the United States.”  Given that any and every representative of the United States has NO authority in their duties to exceed or violate the terms of the Constitution, the authority of the federal government cannot be exceeded as a result of any Treaty, nor can any foreign power be given any authority over citizens of the States by any Treaty.   Similarly,  that Supremacy Clause also indicates that all “laws of the United States” (federal laws) “shall be made in pursuance thereof” (i.e. in agreement with the terms of the Constitution).  These federal laws are only the legitimate “law of land” if these laws are in fact maintained to the limited terms of the Constitution.


If we as Americans were to only recognize this,  if movements such as the Tea Parties, or  Operation American Spring,  had only recognized these 6 “Secrets”, we would be an enormous way to restoring legitimate governance in this country,  and reclaiming our freedoms.

We the people are in fact the only “check” still remaining to stop government overreach, and it is time we stand up and exercise our authority.

i close with a powerful speech by KrisAnne Hall before the  Rowan County Oath Keepers, Faith, NC, March 29, 2015.

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